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The objects for which the Company is established are to:

a)    represent and unite practice managers and others within the profession of practice management throughout the Healthcare industry

b)    promote and advance professional development and leadership

c)    promote and advance ethical behaviour within the profession

d)    promote and advance advocacy of practice management

e)    raise the profile and status of its Members in order to provide appropriate professional recognition

f)     contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system

g)    promote the need for appropriately qualified personnel to fulfil the requirements of the profession

h)    promote the AAPM Code of Ethical Conduct

i)     provide the educational framework to achieve the appropriate qualifications and maintain a continuing professional development program

j)     promote the achievement and maintenance of practice management skills and knowledge through continuing professional development

k)    provide effective methods of delivery of professional development to encourage networking for education, discussion and debate

l)     award grants, scholarships or other incentives to support continuing professional development

m)   provide regular and accurate information that supports and advances professional recognition

n)    participate in the development of education and research programs in the healthcare environment

o)    establish strategic alliances in pursuit of the objectives of the Company

p)    foster communication between the profession and the community in order to enhance recognition of the profession.

For a copy of the AAPM Constitution please click here