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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out what the appropriate salary is for a Practice Manager?

Every two years AAPM undertakes a rigorous nationwide survey to identify trends in salary. You can order a copy of the latest survey here

Is there a generic Practice Management Position Description template I can use?

Yes. Please refer to this page for more information.

I'd like to speak at a particular AAPM event. How do I go about it?

Depending on where and what level of event you are interested in, refer to our contact page and email your interest and what value you presentation can bring to Practice Managers and AAPM.

I'd like to be involved on a State Branch Committee. How do I go about it?

Each year, before State Branches hold their Annual General Meeting, a call for nominations is sent out to members of AAPM. For more information contact your relevant State Branch.

I run a business. What advertising opportunities are available for me that will help me reach out to Practice Managers?

Please refer to this page for more information.

I want to advertise for a Practice Manager and relevant practice staff. Can AAPM help?

Most certainly. We have a dedicated Employment webpage where you can advertise and reach out to over 1,700 members and others across the health care sector. Please refer to this page for more information.

How are Practice Managers represented at various Government and Reference Groups?

AAPM is very well represented. AAPM is always asked by many reputable organisations and Government Departments to be part of their advisory / reference groups. Depending on the nature of the role and skill set required, we send out an "Expression of Interest' to all our current members (note only those who are official "Members" are eligible) who then can submit an application to be considered in which the National Board will make the decision who to be appointed.

I am setting up a new practice. How can AAPM help me?

The Resource section of our website (for members only) provides some information that will kick start the process. In addition we have the Practice Manager Guide. You may also like to contact your relevant state branch who may put you in touch with another member who may be able to offer their advice and opinion based on their own experience.

I have a staffing issue within my practice. Can AAPM offer any legal advice?

Given the diverse nature of the issues, we are not in a position to offer legal advice. However we have engaged Australian Health Industry Group (AHIG) who can provide legal advice on an array of matters. Click here for more information as to how you can utilise their service by subscribing at a special rate exclusively for AAPM members.

Is AAPM more focused towards those working in General Practice?

No. Our membership consist of those working across the health care sector including Specialist, Allied Health, Dental and event Vets! Our National Board and State Branch Committees have people who operate across these areas so we ensure we strive to provide support, services and resources that are relevant to those working in specific areas.

How does AAPM find out what Practice Managers needs are?

AAPM undertake what is known as the AAPM National Membership Satisfaction Survey and usually conducted around March each year. Results from these findings assist the National Board, State Branches and staff as to what areas are going well and what areas that need attention. It also allows Practice Managers to share their thoughts and ideas and assist with our annual planning process. We value feedback - whether negative or positive and helps grow and strengthen the organisation.

Are National Directors and State Branch Committee members paid?

No. These positions are voluntary.

I have a business who would like to help AAPM. Who do I contact?

Business that are interested in supporting AAPM should contact Head Office by referring to our contact page.

How can I get more actively involved in AAPM?

Attend to as many events organised by your state branch and meet with any one of the State Branch Committee members or contact your relevant state branch and ask them how you can help be more involved.

AAPM offers post-nominals. Where and how can I use this?

By being a current member of AAPM, you will be able to use post-nominals (eg Member = MAAPM, Certified Practice Manager = CPM AAPM, Fellow = FAAPM) alongside your name in emails, business cards, resumes etc.

I am a member of AAPM. Can I use your logo on my practice website?

No. Our AAPM logo is restricted and permission rarely given. If you feel you have a compelling case you can write to the Board of AAPM via Head Office and it will be considered.

What are National Taskforces? How can I be part of this?

Please refer to this webpage for more information.

How can I find out more about eHealth?

eHealth will play a very important role within the health care sector and AAPM is very immersed in this area. Please refer to this webpage for more information.

I like to advertise within the national The Practice Manager journal? How do I go about it?

Please refer to this webpage for more information.

I would like to sponsor an AAPM event. How do I go about doing this?

Please refer to this webpage for more information.

How many members does AAPM have?

We have over 1,800 members and growing. They include managers from General Practice, Specialist Practice, Allied Health and Dentistry.

How can I become a Fellow?

This is the "gold level" of achievement in the Association. Click here to find out more how to become a Fellow of AAPM!

Does AAPM provide any scholarships?

There is something that I feel AAPM need to look at in helping Practice Managers. Who can I speak to?

As part of our continuous improvement philosophy, AAPM always looking for ways to ensure Practice Managers in the health care sector are supported and have appropriate resources and information available to them. The health care landscape is constantly changing. We welcome hearing from you any ideas, suggestion or issues that we may need to be aware of. Suggest emailing your thoughts to your relevant state committee (Refer to our contact page).

If you have any questions that are not listed above, please contact us and we will endeavour to provide answers or guide you to the appropriate direction to obtain the right advice.