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Advertise a Vacancy

Advertise A Vacancy

Advertising within the employment section of the AAPM website provides a central point for CEOs, Managing Directors, Principals, Practice Managers or practice staff to promote, attract and recruit capable and skilled health care professionals to their team. The AAPM Employment section is the central site for advertising and recruiting your next Practice Manager or relevant staff for your practice.

To advertise a position in your practice on the AAPM website, please download and complete the booking form and submit to the AAPM head office. Your advertisement will be uploaded to the website on receipt of your payment and remain on the website for four (4) weeks.

Download Position Vacant Advertising Booking Form

Please note: After downloading the booking form, if you open it in your pdf reader you will see it includes form fields in which you can type responses. You may wish to type into the form before printing it. However for payment we require a signature, so you will need to print, sign and scan the form before submitting it to head office.

When you have completed the form, please email to head office:

  • your booking form
  • your advertisement copy in a Word or text document ( .doc. .docx or .txt formats only )
  • a jpeg of your logo (optional)

Current Opportunities/Positions Vacant