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Chronic Disease Management Award 2016

MSD Chronic Disease Management Award 2016

Jeannine Armstrong

MSD Chronic Disease Management Award

Jeannine is Practice Manager at Harding Street Medical Centre in Coburg, Vic.  

Procedures and Policies within the practice regarding Chronic Disease Management and Preventative Health have changed dramatically. Regular staff meetings of GPs, Nurses and Reception staff discuss the importance of GP Management Plans and Health Assessments for our patients.

All new GPs to the practice, including Registrars, have comprehensive training with practice leaders to ensure improved understanding of better patient care and better patient outcomes. They do extensive advertising within the practice of all services available.

Jeannine has found that by including and educating the reception staff, they have become a valuable asset in encouraging Health Assessments and return GPMP visits therefore improved health literacy for all staff within the practice.