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The Department of Health has determined the below approach to compliance for general practices under the PIP eHealth Incentive (ePIP) and this approach has been agreed by the Minister.


Practices that may not have met their Shared Health Summary (SHS) target uploads over the 9 months to 31 January 2017 fall into three categories:


  1. Practices where the Department of Health have been unable to match ePIP identity to their My Health Record identity will be asked to provide their Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation (HPI-O) number so that the department can determine if they met the SHS upload requirement. If they do not provide their HPI-O they will be withdrawn from the incentive. Once the department receives their HPI-O, if it is determined they have not met the upload requirement they will be treated in accordance with the arrangements outlined below.
  2. Practices that did not upload any SHS will be asked to return the funds incorrectly paid. These practices will be also be withdrawn from the incentive to prevent them from accruing further debt. Should they wish to be included in the ePIP at a future date, they will be able to re-register.
  3. Practices that uploaded at least one SHS but may have fallen short of their target will be treated as follows:
  • Those practices that achieved less than 50% of their target upload volumes over the 9 months will be asked to return funds incorrectly paid.  Those practices that uploaded enough SHS to meet their targets for any particular quarter will receive payment for that quarter.
  • Those practices that achieved 50 to 99% of their upload volumes over the 9 months will be asked to return funds proportional to the percentage of the target they didn’t meet.


This will be a once off approach and will apply only to the temporary extension period to 31 January 2017.  In the future practices will need to meet each quarter’s requirement in full.


In the first instance, those practices that are required to make a repayment will be asked to do so through a voluntary acknowledgement of incorrect payment form, rather than through a formal debt notice.


The Department will be sending out compliance letters to practices before the current PIP quarter ends on 30 April 2017. 

[Source: Department of Health]

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