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DVA funds a range of clinically necessary optometry treatments and supplies for eligible DVA clients.

These optical services include clinical testing of the eyes for defective vision and the supply of suitable spectacles, contact lenses or devices for low vision.

Optometrists can provide these services direct to the veteran community. The client does not need a referral from their GP to see an optometrist. However, they do require a GP referral to access treatment from an ophthalmologist.

DVA clients are entitled to one initial and one subsequent optometry consultation:

  • every year, if they are over 65; and
  • every three years if they are under 65

In a two year period the client may receive:

  • one pair of bifocals, trifocals or progressive power spectacles; or
  • one pair of reading and one pair of distance spectacles.

Optometrists can bill DVA directly for their consultations if the service is provided under DVA arrangements. This will represent the full fee for the service provided. Optometrists cannot bill the DVA client for the consultation.

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[Source: Department of Veterans' Affairs]

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